We work to shift
the hearts and minds of communities.


The Center for Resilient Individuals, Families and Communities (CRIFC) is committed to the sustainability of healthier communities across the southern region by employing abolitionist tactics centering folks and their families directly impacted mass incarceration. Our programming involves social services stabilization services for the collective change makers of local, regional and national abolitionist movements, direct action, community organizing apprenticeships and political education, reading circles for children and youth, seasonal micro grants, emergency funds, social services referral, and creating/re-envisioning community services networks. The extension of our mission is to educate, support and organize individuals, families and communities, local, nationally, and internationally around best practices, best tactics, innovative service methods, and social policies which govern the lives we live.


History and Vision

The Center for Resilient Individuals, Families and Communities (CRIFC) was born in 2017 as a kindred organization of Southerner’s On New Ground, who works for a sustainable South that embodies the best of its freedom traditions and works towards the transformation of our economic, social, spiritual, and political relationships. We, CRIFC, employ tactics to change the course of generations. We work to shift the hearts and minds of communities, get policy wins, build base, and open up possibilities for long-term engagement in communities and systems change by the very people that are being pushed out of them.


We believe in

Free Black Mamas

Communities Without Cages

Liberation of Black people

Intentional work lead by folks and families directly impacted by incarceration and detention

Land/ Intentional Communities

Self- Determination

Harm Reductionist Approaches

Spirituality as Medicine


Apprenticeships/ Fellowships / Supportive Job Placements

Community Organizing/ Political Education Skill Ups

Base Building

Reproductive Justice and Human Rights

Trauma Informed Community Building

Trauma Informed/ Somatic Approaches to Healing

Restorative Justice Approaches

Art /Healing and Resistance

Participatory and Trauma Informed Research


Culture and Spirituality